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Our focus areas are spatial planning, mobility and water management. Our goal? Sustainable solutions.

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We bring together the parties involved, content and interests, to make decisions and achieve results, which are embraced by all stakeholders. We convert ambitions into executable plans and realise them too. We remain inquisitive and inventive whilst always keeping both feet firmly on the ground. This delivers concrete results that are often surprising.

Project and process managementOur strength lies in developing assignments and providing clients with support: from inception to realisation and everything in between.

When issues are complex and involve many different parties and interests, we ensure that decisions made are embraced by everyone. We offer effective project and process support for projects that require a structured approach and/or phased implementation.

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AdvicePlans must be sustainable and viable. This is always the basis of our advice, firmly underpinned by explanations, facts and figures. Advice is provided on issues ranging from planning studies to asset management.

For everything we do, we have the right people in-house, with the right knowledge and technical skills. We combine facts and expertise, and we think outside the box. We thus know, for example, if water safety and spatial developments can be linked to provide sustainable solutions.

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Innovation and developmentNew technologies and methods can be used to ensure a more beautiful, economically viable and sustainable living environment. That is why we work and collaborate on feasible and affordable innovations.

By truly immersing ourselves in an issue, together with other stakeholders, we often discover surprising new solutions. Innovation at Infram ranges from technological innovations involving water safety, to financial innovations in the sustainability arena.

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We mobilise successful projects. How may we help you?

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