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Project and process managementConnect, explain and realise. Our formula for results.

Infram is an independent specialised expert with a wealth of experience in process and project management involving issues related to spatial planning, mobility and water management. We connect relevant parties and constantly sustain the interaction between process and content. In order to do this, we explain complex or new material, for example, and potential results so that all stakeholders know exactly what is planned and their enthusiasm grows. In this way, room is created to realise concrete, well-supported results. Project and process management at Infram is not a goal in itself, but rather a step on the path to results.

Depending on the client and the task involved, we fulfil the role of project manager, process manager, interim manager, programme manager, quartermaster, integrated project manager, project secretary or facilitator. For example, we can take on responsibility for administrative decision-making, procurement, team development, participation and communication, technical management or project control. We use various targeted and context-specific working and project management methods, such as integrated project management and project-based creation.

Knowledge and skills

  • Asset management
  • Procurement and contract management
  • Financing and investment
  • Stakeholder management
  • Project control
  • Technical management
  • Spatial development and quality
  • Interim management
  • Programme management
  • Facilitating exploratory and planning studies
  • Water safety
  • Flood defences
  • Governance and decision-making as well as research/exploratory studies/plan development related to the Dutch government's Multiyear Programme for Infrastructure
  • Spatial Planning & Transport