Infram advises from policy formulation and development to building dikes, from instructing dike inspectors to assisting the National Delta Committee.

Infram knows how to make faster and better connections in mobility.

Infram is passionate about content – and that ensures an effective process leading to result.

Mobility »

Infram feels at home in the complete mobility working field. Our clients hold positions everywhere in the mobility chain, from policy-makers to traffic managers to road maintainers. Our consultancies include other policy fields such as water management, spatial development and the environment. No wonder making the right connections is second nature to Infram. 


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Space »

The multiple use of scarce space is one of the major challenges in the Netherlands. Major elements determining sound developments are the involvement of many and very diverse stakeholders with a high variety of demands, and the combination of many functions which are often in mutual competitioin. However, if the development process is approached properly and thoroughly, surprising combinations might be the result, leading to higher quality developments with smarter solutions that can be realised in relatively short periods of time. Infram has vast experience in structuring these processes.

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Water »

Water literally shaped the Netherlands and taught the Dutch how to join forces in order to survive. Yet, the present-day water domain is rather segmented. Working together implies crossing administrative and organisational boundaries. Infram assists and advises its clients in this by bringing these different worlds together. This could include advice in general and broad Dutch water issues, such as on flood defence, water management and water management systems. But also includes, for example, policy formulation and development, construction of dikes,  instructing dike inspectors and assisting the National Delta Committee.

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